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CJ COLAS – Survivor turned Shero by CREATIVMAG

When we come across an inspiring story, we are always compelled to share it with the world. We had the privilege to converse with CJ Colas, the founder of TEAM CJ COLAS FOUNDATION: TeamCJColas started a cancer support group to help individuals with their fear [of battling Uterine Cancer] and they don’t have to fight alone. Cancer treatment centers have partnered with us to give cancer support to our community and offer several programs for the cancer patients such as educational workshops and support services to anyone impacted by cancer and their families. This recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is helping to enhance the amount and type of programs being offered at TeamCJColas Cancer Support Group and continuing to create other programs to enhance the value of support each cancer warrior receive. The support programs are free and open to the public, regardless of where patients received treatment.

As she tells her story I can’t help it but to remember the time I had my myomectomy, which left me wondering why anyone would ever go through that…. like OMG!!!! The pain I felt for a whole month, felt like a part of me was ripped away from my stomach like in the Indiana Jones movie when that native aboriginal man ripped his victim’s heart with his bare hands (if you haven’t seen that movie you’re too young to be my friend LOL) sorry laughter is the only way I get over my pain. However Uterine cancer is no laughing matter. Many women, especially African American Women are diagnosed with Fibroids which to my surprise can become cancerous if not tended to in time. Being benign tumors, symptoms are rarely felt until it’s too late. For years I thought my blood clots during my period were just my eggs dying, little did I know that they were the beginning of my long term relationship with Fibroids. 10 years later I looked like I was constantly carrying a baby that I would never deliver. During her interview with our host Victoria, CJ goes into telling her story about her battle with Uterine cancer, how the cancer spread through her lungs and if it had reach her brain, It would have been the end of her journey, and her son would have been left without a mother. She turned her victory into an act of kindness. Coming from a Haitian family she had all the support she needed, meanwhile during her chemo treatments, some of the other patients she would encounter did not have the support that they desperately longed for. She started with just a random act of kindness by simply giving a ride to those waiting at the bus stops. Today she pursues that same act of kindness by creating a way for others to land a hand through her foundation. I admire her courage and dedication to this cause. For this it is my honor to share her story on our platform.

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